Dare to Dair
Blog dedicate to Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf - Dair - from the tv show Gossip Girl.

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Yeah, she never loved him… right?

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Remember that time when Dan Humphrey was so sure Blair Waldorf would never actually see him as anything more than a friend so when she shows up at his loft he automatically assumes she’s back with Chuck, but then she gives him a ‘no’ that borders the line of incredulity because why would he think she was there because of that? And then Dan Humphrey blinks in confusion because he certainly can not and will not believe that she’s there for THAT reason and he actually sighs because holy shit, could it be that there’s a teeny, tiny possibility that she might like him too? And her smile and slight eyebrow raise is almost screaming “Yes, idiot. I do like you too. God, Humphrey, do I really need to be this obvious? Fine. Look at my glowing face looking back at you. Is that a sign that could possibly mean anything to you?” and then the entire Dair fandom died that day ^^

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